4 Books That’ll Make You More Money

4 Books That’ll Make You More Money

What are the top books that can help you know more about money? In this article, we’ll discuss the 4 Books That’ll Make You More Money.

Book 1 – Influence by Robert Cialdini

In this book, Robert Cialdini goes through the six principles of persuasion. He talks about how people are affected by social norms, reciprocity, commitment and consistency, authority and prestige, and liking and scarcity. How to use those principles to make your marketing campaigns more effective.

The first principle is social norms. This means that people follow the expectations of their society or group. For example, if you want someone to buy a product that is not popular in the community or not in trend, you need to show them that it is accepted in their social circle.

The second principle is reciprocity, meaning people feel obligated when they receive something from another person. For example, if you give someone a free sample of your product, they will feel obliged to buy it because they owe you something in return for the gift.

The third principle is commitment and consistency. This means that humans are creatures of habit who want to be consistent with what they have already done before. So, once they know they are going to make a change, they must have a long-term vision to convince themselves that the difference is worth it. This is one of the best books among the 4 Books That’ll Make You More Money.


Book 2 – Straight Talk on How to Be a Smart Consumer by William Zinsser

William Zinsser’s book Straight Talk on How to Be a Smart Consumer is a classic text that has been in print for over fifty years. It was first published in 1976 and has been reprinted many times.

This book is written as a guide to consumer protection law and consumer rights.

In this book, Zinsser guides the reader through confusing laws and regulations governing consumers in their economic transactions with other businesses. While taking you through the process of understanding about selecting goods, understanding warranties, and protecting yourself against fraud and false advertising. He talks about getting redress if you are cheated or defrauded by a business, buying stocks and bonds, and taking out insurance policies.  discussed about making wills and estates plans, filing lawsuits against firms in small claims court or state court; getting relief from discrimination under federal statutes; taking advantage of government programs for consumers; and much more.


Book 3 – The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko

The Millionaire Next Door is a book about how millionaires live their everyday lives. The authors, Thomas Stanley and William Danko studied more than 500 millionaires and found that they have a lot of similarities. They found that most of these millionaires were not flashy people who constantly spent money on expensive things. Instead, they live an average lifestyle and invest most of their income into assets.

The authors also found many misconceptions about what it means to be wealthy in America. They found out that most people who consider themselves rich in America do not have much money saved up for retirement or other financial goals. This is because they spend all their money on things like cars and houses.


Book 4 – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

This book is about creating habits, why they exist, and how they can be changed. It explores the neurology of addiction and how it affects our lives. During breaks down the process of habit formation into three parts: Cue, Routine, and Reward.

In this book, he also offers strategies for breaking or altering habits. He included the habits which help in identifying the routine by paying attention to what cues trigger behavior. Thus, providing an alternative practice that will not produce reward or reinforcement.


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