CrowdStrike Unveils Falcon® for Defender at RSA Conference 2024

CrowdStrike Unveils Falcon® for Defender at RSA Conference 2024

At the RSA Conference 2024, CrowdStrike (NASDAQ: CRWD) made waves with the announcement of its latest innovation: CrowdStrike Falcon® for Defender. This groundbreaking solution is designed to complement Microsoft Defender deployments, providing enhanced protection against missed attacks and elevating the security posture of organizations.

Augmenting Microsoft Defender

CrowdStrike Falcon® for Defender integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Defender, bolstering its capabilities and addressing the gaps in protection that adversaries often exploit. By deploying alongside Microsoft Defender, Falcon for Defender offers organizations increased visibility into threats that bypass traditional defenses, empowering security teams to proactively hunt and stop breaches.

Addressing Operational Burdens

For organizations relying on Microsoft Defender, managing complex policies, signature updates, and multiple consoles can be a significant operational burden for security teams. This complexity often results in protection gaps, leaving organizations vulnerable to sophisticated cyber threats. Falcon for Defender alleviates this burden by providing a unified platform that simplifies security management and enhances threat visibility.

Disruptive Price Point

Michael Sentonas, President at CrowdStrike, emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges faced by security professionals deploying Microsoft Defender through E3 and E5 licensing. Falcon for Defender fills critical security gaps at a disruptive price point, delivering advanced threat detection and response capabilities without adding unnecessary complexity or cost.

Raising the Cybersecurity Bar

With Falcon for Defender, CrowdStrike aims to raise the cybersecurity bar by providing cybersecurity professionals with the technology they need to combat evolving threats effectively. By offering best-in-class threat hunting and visibility into missed threats, Falcon for Defender empowers organizations to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries and prevent breaches.

The Outcome: Stopping the Breach

In a world where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, stopping breaches is the ultimate goal for cybersecurity professionals. Falcon for Defender provides organizations with the tools and capabilities they desperately seek to achieve this outcome. By combining the strengths of CrowdStrike’s AI-native Falcon® XDR platform with Microsoft Defender, organizations can enhance their security posture and defend against the most advanced threats in today’s digital landscape.


CrowdStrike’s launch of Falcon® for Defender marks a significant milestone in the fight against cyber threats. By providing organizations with a powerful solution to augment Microsoft Defender, CrowdStrike is helping to strengthen cybersecurity defenses and protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape. With Falcon for Defender, organizations can be confident in their ability to detect, respond to, and stop breaches before they cause irreparable damage.


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