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Proper and good education is important for all of us. It facilitates quality learning all through the life among people of different age groups, cast, creed, religion and region. It enables us to shape a better society and for that we need better facilitators who realize that education is the central component in the development process of any nation.

They play a significant role in building up character of the next generation.  Here, we introduce you to one such passionate educationalist, an artist, motivational speaker and a life coach “Ms.Aarati Savur”

Ms. Aarati is the CEO Parisar Asha Centre for Educational Research and Training. She is a leading educationist with a vision for better tomorrow. Parisar Asha is a Mumbai based NGO that supports schools to provide 21st century learning system to students. It was started by late late Ms. Gloria de Souza in 1982 to change the existing rote learning education system to a joyful learning system. Aarati Savur joined this NGO right after completing her masters in Botany.

She joined the organization because it represented “Environment” and “hope”. She had developed interest in sustainable environment during her masters and this organization provided her the platform for her interest. Parisar Asha is much more beyond the physical surrounding, it’s all about the sustainability of natural, social, emotional, academic, home, work and spiritual environment and integrating the same in the learning environment of a child.

Aarati has served as a teacher`s trainer and teaching aid designer at Parisar Asha for 10 years. She used to create teaching materials, worksheets and teaching aids for students who can`t afford quality education. She has also worked for IB School in Indore which was the first IB school of Madhya Pradesh for some time; where she realized that, Parisar Asha also had the similar vision as the IB School but at a very low cost.

At one point in her life, she joined a reputed corporate where she earned a hefty salary but she always felt that this is not the place where she wanted to be. Her husband’s death was a turning point for her. It was the same time when the ailing founder director of Parisar Asha Ms. Gloria called her and suggested her to join the organization and carry on her dream.

It was another tough juncture in her life where she had to choose between her high paying corporate carrier and the philanthropical institute which was going through tough times but she chose to go with her heart and joined back Parisar Asha.

“I joined Parisar Asha as a CEO, from that day it has been my baby, my passion, and my purpose in life! I feel truly blessed as not many can find their purpose in life”

Aarati’s second innings in Parisar Asha as a CEO is since the last 8 years. Her journey in the organization has been miraculous because of her philanthropical as well as corporate background .She was able to bring about positive changes in the organization. She initially revamped the entire operations of Parisar Asha to suite the current needs.

She integrated art in the mainstream curriculum of Parisar Asha. She also worked with NCERT in developing training packages for teachers.

While working with different schools she realized educating parents about the challenges and competition that their children are facing was equally important. A peaceful home atmosphere is very important for proper development of a child.

Hence, to deal with this issue she came up with “Positive Parenting and Child Helpline”. She also started innovative workshops for addressing different aspects of academics and life.

              “Be practical but at the same time be human”

Today, Parisar Asha is successfully working with many schools and is providing quality education to underprivileged students. They offer a varied range of products consisting of work books, worksheets, online workshop sessions with volunteers from premier engineering colleges.

They equally provide for support to teachers and parents through online training programs, free access to teaching plans and expert advice.

Their program is designed with social mission. Apart from the noble cause their products have been curated by a team of experts who understand the needs of the children and have sensitivity to develop children with not only high IQ but EQ as well.

“If you want to be happy, your environment, your people, your society has to be happy”. It’s a selfish motive!

Despite, the fact that pandemic has affected everyone in some or the other way, they have successfully worked out with various strategies to overcome issues. Today they are working with a lot of corporate houses who are funding their initiatives.

Parisar Asha is open to alliances with NGOS`s, Govt. bodies and corporate houses to successfully garner support and to run programs.

 Ms. Aarati savur has established herself as a successful entrepreneur . She feels determination, dedication , discipline with innovation and creativity is the key to success. She follows the ABCD  myntra of life ;

A :  Attitude of gratitude, Adopt, Accept and not expect too much.

B :   Be positive, Be patient, Be passionate, Be sensitive.

C :   creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, compassio0n

D : determination, dedication, discipline

And lastly never give up your hope.


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