Opera added AI prompts to desktop browsers

Opera added AI prompts to desktop browsers


Opera has added AI Prompts and ChatGPT to its desktop browsers. Opera and Opera GX to enhance the browsing experience. AI Prompts is a native feature in the Opera Browser that helps users shorten a long confusing text or explain it to them, whether it’s a paragraph, a whole article, or even a website.  Besides the new AI Prompts feature, users now also have access to the web versions of ChatGPT and Chat Sonic right in the sidebar of the Opera browser.

The Opera browser has been known for its innovative features that make browsing easier and more efficient. The addition of AI-powered features such as AI Prompts and ChatGPT is a testament to Opera’s commitment to providing users with an unparalleled browsing experience.

The feature brings the power of artificial intelligence to quickly analyze and develop important and useful content from web pages. The users can summarize the news articles and can provide concise content to eliminate useless content. This feature can come in handy to the users of Opera and strengthens the user experience.

  • Recently, Bing has been using an AI-powered chatbot with access to the internet.
  • This eventually made Microsoft Bing a potential threat to the Google Chrome browser. It has eventually started its reach and the user base has increased from 3% to 8%.
  • Now following the same footsteps of Bing, opera has set this New AI-powered feature to briefly summarize articles and lengthy Web pages with ease.

Because of this new feature of adding AI promotes, the users of Opera can now quickly browse through and summarize lengthy articles in seconds. This can be a giant step for Opera into competition with internet browsers. The domain at the time had relatively no other competitors and was only dominated by the Tech giant Google.

Features of new opera AI prompts in Opera

  • Briefly summarized lengthy articles in Opera browser.
  • Generate and translate purposes of content
  • Can help in creative idea generation in seconds of time.


But at present, this feature is only limited to the desktop versions of opera and the Search engine also plans to integrate this new feature of AI prompt into its own version and soon will make it accessible to all the versions and models, including android mobiles. Finally, the Opera browser also joins the race of search engines using the AI features to enhance user productivity.

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