Sundar Pichai has confirmed that Google will soon incorporate AI-powered chat features

Sundar Pichai has confirmed that Google will soon incorporate AI-powered chat features


The Technology Giant Google will get the artificial intelligence-powered chat features very soon. Google has been working on Bard from a very early time, even before the launch of AI-powered products. But the tech giant is very concerned about the responsive AI model and the security of advanced artificial intelligence models.

AI features to roll out on Google search engine said Sundar Pichai

Pichai said that Google has been successful in developing large language models (LLMs), which underpin chatbot technology, but it has not fully harnessed their potential in its search engine. The CEO revealed that the tech giant has been testing various AI models and features that could improve its search engine’s capabilities in areas such as reasoning, coding, and maths.

One of the examples of Google’s AI-powered features is Google Bard, an experimental conversational AI tool that is powered by LaMDA, a large language model that can produce natural and consistent responses to any query. Users can use Bard to enhance their productivity, creativity, and curiosity by asking it various questions or tasks. Bard is different from other AI chatbots, such as Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT because it is based on Google’s understanding of quality information and provides multiple drafts of responses for users to select from.

Google’s competitor Microsoft has collaborated with YC-powered OpenAI and has invested 13 billion dollars in its AI research and also integrated the AI-powered products into the Office tools.

The collaboration has even impacted Google’s region of the search engine market. Google leads over 90% of the entire search engine market and gains major profits from its products like AdSense and analytics sources. But Microsoft, with the new integration of AI features, occupied 8% of Google’s market share within 3 months.

Google has even made its Bard AI available for the people as a part of public testing. However, the model field to answer basic science questions even impacted and reduced Google’s stock price early this year. From then onwards, Google has corrected its mistakes and soon is going to show the power of artificial intelligence features which are trained on top of its language model.


Google is planning a massive comeback to its search engine market and the entire workspace products with these new artificial intelligence-powered features. Google has been putting tremendous effort to get into the competitive domain of artificial intelligence.  It has taken several key steps regarding the new artificial intelligence tools.

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