Zefi.ai Raises €1.6 Million in Pre-Seed Round to Revolutionize Software Development

Zefi.ai Raises €1.6 Million in Pre-Seed Round to Revolutionize Software Development

Empowering Product Teams with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

In a significant move set to transform the landscape of software development, Zefi.ai, a dynamic startup founded in 2023, has successfully raised €1.6 million in a pre-seed funding round. The round was led by 360 Capital, a prominent Italian-French fund based in Paris and Milan, and 14Peaks Capital, an international Zurich-based fund that focuses on B2B SaaS companies in Europe and the United States.

Additional participants included notable funds such as the Italian B-Heroes and BIT, the Spanish Secways and Aticco Ventures, and international funds Growth Engine, Vento, the Italian chapter of Exor Ventures, and Halo, the angel program of Lakestar.

Zefi.ai’s innovative platform leverages advanced AI technology to enable companies to centralize and analyze all conversations with their end customers automatically.

This groundbreaking approach allows businesses to uncover growth opportunities and identify cost reduction strategies by providing deeper insights into customer interactions. The platform is designed to enhance customer understanding, reduce churn rates, and increase customer loyalty.

Accelerating Technological Development and European Expansion

The newly acquired funds will be instrumental in driving Zefi’s technological advancements and accelerating its commercialization efforts across Europe. Aurora Maggio, Co-founder & CEO of Zefi.ai, expressed her enthusiasm for the funding round, stating, “With this round, we are laying the foundation to build a great company and bring one of the most sophisticated technologies to market in our industry. We will use the funds to attract the best tech talent across Europe and deliver value to our customers with a product of absolute quality. I am pleased to welcome funds and angels who have believed in us founders and in Zefi.”

Industry Recognition and Strategic Collaborations

Despite being a young company, Zefi.ai has already garnered significant attention and accolades. It has been recognized as a standout participant in programs such as AWS Startup Loft and NVIDIA Inception. In 2023, Zefi was included in the prestigious Slush 100 Europe and was honored as Product of the Day on ProductHunt. These achievements underscore the company’s potential and the impact of its technology.

Investor Confidence in Zefi.ai’s Vision

The confidence of leading investors in Zefi.ai’s vision is evident in their statements. Lucrezia Lucotti, Partner at 360 Capital, highlighted the startup’s rapid progress, noting, “We are thrilled to support the Zefi AI team in this journey. In less than a year, they have managed to bring to the market an extremely well-crafted product that aims to give companies the superpower to fully leverage a vast amount of qualitative data which is currently unexploited.”

Edoardo E. Ermotti, Founder & General Partner at 14Peaks Capital, emphasized the strategic importance of Zefi’s technology in professionalizing and digitizing product management. “The discipline of product management is still in the process of professionalization and digitization. We believe Zefi has the key product for this process: by putting a systematic and automated order to the analysis of end-customer feedback, Zefi enables the pursuit of product strategies that are truly data-driven and effective. We look forward to working with the team to bring this important innovation to scale,” Ermotti commented.

Future Prospects

With a solid foundation of funding and robust support from leading investors, Zefi.ai is poised to revolutionize the way software is built and empower product teams across Europe. The company’s commitment to technological excellence and customer value positions it as a pivotal player in the AI and software development industries.

As Zefi.ai continues to expand its capabilities and market presence, it remains dedicated to its mission of transforming customer interactions into actionable insights, driving growth, and fostering customer loyalty through sophisticated AI technology.


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