IMD Predicts Rain and Hailstorms Across Western and Central India in Lead-up to Holi

IMD Predicts Rain and Hailstorms Across Western and Central India in Lead-up to Holi

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a weather forecast predicting thundershowers and hailstorms across western and central India in the run-up to the Holi festival, which will be celebrated on March 7 and 8. The forecast covers Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, and is expected to last from Saturday until Wednesday.

Two successive extra-tropical weather systems over the region are expected to cause the thundershowers and hailstorms, with the western Himalayan Region also likely to witness isolated to scattered rainfall or snowfall on Saturday and Sunday.

According to the IMD, the Western Disturbance as a trough in middle tropospheric westerlies runs roughly along Longitude 62°E to the north of Latitude 20°N and an induced circulation over north Gujarat in lower levels. A fresh feeble western disturbance as a trough in middle tropospheric westerlies is also likely to affect the northwest, west, and central India region from March 7.

The forecast also predicts isolated light or moderate thunderstorm activity in south Haryana on Saturday and in West Rajasthan until Sunday. Similar weather conditions are also likely to prevail over East Rajasthan, West Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Marathwada, and Madhya Maharashtra until March 8. The plains of northwest India are also likely to experience strong surface winds with speeds between 20-30 kmph over the next two days.

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