Bengaluru: Prime minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the expressway connecting the two major cities of South India – Bengaluru and mysuru. The project has a total cost of around 8,480 crore rupees. The travel distance between the two cities will reduce the traveling time from 3.5 hours to 1.5 hours with a total time of 120 minutes due to the new expressway connecting the two major cities.

The officials reported that the project will boost the social and economic development across the region and involves the Bengaluru – Nidaghatta – Mysuru Section of National Highway- 275.

The prime minister also made the foundation stone for another major project between the Mysuru – Kushalnagar 6-lane highway which will be developed with a Budget of 4130 thousand crore rupees which halves the time duration to travel with the new expressway.

Also, the prime minister made a roadshow in the streets of old Mysore city in which the BJP party was earlier week making its way to strengthen the party’s strength in the city.

The prime minister has been greeted and welcomed by a huge enthusiastic crowd in Mysore city. PM Modi stood on the running board of his moving car and waved to the crowd that had gathered on the sides of the roads and nearby buildings. The people were enthusiastically chanting ‘Modi, Modi’ slogans and cheering loudly.

In the meeting, the union minister Nitin Gadkari said that the project has made the travel between the two major cities take around 1 hour to travel between the cities. The project Will develop the tourism industry between the two cities, he said.

Prime minister said the cities Bengaluru – a city of technology and mysuru – a city of tradition will be a significant contribution to connecting the two cities. He also added that the youth of India is immensely proud of the recent developments of the nation. He also added that while the central government is busy developing the Nation, Congress is busy dreaming to dig a grave to bury him.

The prime minister stated that the government has allocated 1 trillion rupees in this year’s budget and the government is dedicated to the development of the infrastructural facilities in the nation. The infrastructural facilities will develop the nation’s investment, and job opportunities and also develop employment opportunities for the country’s citizens.

The prime minister reminded the opponents that the blessings of the mothers, and sisters of the Indian nation are with him & nothing can stop the development of the nation.

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