Satya Nadella shared career advice in a meeting with LinkedIn CEO

Satya Nadella shared career advice in a meeting with LinkedIn CEO


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently participated in his stylish career advice in a discussion with LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky.  Satya Nadella began his career as a mastermind at Microsoft in the early 1990s. When particular computing was in its early stages, it was an extraordinary time. The prospect of every existent having a computer in their office was new and initiative. Satya felt delighted to be a part of it all and eager to learn.

Satya Nadella also emphasized the importance of not waiting for the next job to do your best work, and of constantly upskilling yourself with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s ever-changing job market. Nadella’s career advice is a timely reminder to stay curious, committed, and open to new experiences to succeed in both our professional and personal lives.

The job I was doing, all through my 30 years at Microsoft, was ever a stepping stone to some other job, he said. Satya’s curiosity and commitment led him to new places and further innovative systems within the company, ultimately leading to his appointment as CEO.

Key points told by Satya Nadella in the meeting with LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky

  • Rather than viewing your current job as an opportunity to achieve your dream career.
  • It is an occasion to demonstrate your appetite and appetite to learn, this mindset may allow you to accelerate your creation or payment more than any long–term plan.
  • Don’t stay for your coming job to do your stylish work, Nadella said, when asked about the most important literacy in his 30 years at Microsoft.
  • You cannot grow if you do not suppose your growth comes because of what you are doing.

Thanks to this growth mindset, he picked up well-rounded chops and learned how to be an emphatic leader, while also changing request conditions.

The Microsoft CEO also addressed this constant learning process that has played a crucial role in developing him in both career and personal aspects as well. Satya Nadella shared that everybody should consider their current job as an opportunity to upskill themselves.


Satya Nadella advised all young people and workers to maintain a positive attitude and a growth mindset to advance in their careers. Employees who will maintain a continuous learning mindset and persons who will upskill themselves with the right skills will get success in their careers.

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