Apple’s First-ever official retail store in Mumbai

Apple’s First-ever official retail store in Mumbai


Apple is soon going to open its first-ever official retail store after a very long gap of more than 20 years. The Apple corporation has finally made it official that they are soon going to open their first-ever retail store in India.

Apple is soon coming to Mumbai BKC to open its first-ever retail store

The establishment of the first-ever retail store will be a game-changing move for the Apple corporation in terms of the sales and marketing demand for its product availability. According to internal reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook is planning to make his visit to the country on this special occasion.

Apple is going to establish this store in the BKC region of Mumbai city. The experience of the Apple Store is the main reason for the excitement of the entire of India. It will be so exciting that how Apple will provide its unique perspective to the audience.

Apple is known for its attention to every small detail. The company is known for its best-in-class leading products in the domain of technology. The products such as the MacBook, iPhone, and the Apple iPad have never disappointed the customers’ expectations and are always successful in satisfying the entire community & audience pool.

In the last few years, Apple’s concentration on the Indian market has grown multiple times. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned many Times that the firm is not very much concentrating in a country where huge amounts of potential customers and market cap are available for them to utilize.

Some interesting facts about Apple retail space in Mumbai

  • The new retail store Apple is leased over a 20,000 square foot (ca. 19 a) area and built into three floors in commercial space of Mumbai’s Sandra Kurla Complex (BKC).
  • The tech giant agreed to pay a minimum guarantee amount of 42 lakhs per month for the 20,000 square retail space.
  • The store is located at the Jio World Drive Mall, that houses mostly luxury brands. It will be known as Apple BKC.


Apple is more likely going to open its first-ever retail store in India this month. April also made it official on its Apple India store website that they are coming to India and displayed a notification saying hello Mumbai, you are getting ready to welcome you to our first-ever retail store in Mumbai BKC. India has become one of the largest economic centers for global markets and become a boon for the market of innovative products. Even in the latest economic crisis, India served as the only nation for Apple to provide double-digit gains for the tech giant.

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