OpenAI released GPT 4—its Next Gen AI language model

OpenAI released GPT 4—its Next Gen AI language model

OpenAI has finally released GPT 4. GPT 4 is an advanced artificial intelligence language model developed by the AI research corporation. The model is capable of processing image inputs as well along with text processing in Its earlier version of gpt 3.5.

The new language is not only limited to English but also trained & tested on multiple languages, including Indian languages like Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, and Telugu.

The language model is capable of processing visual images and generating text by analyzing them.

The model is capable of generating 25000 words at a single time. It is trained by the open AI team to deliver more human-like responses. The open AI team reported -The language model can also be used for teaching and conceptual learning for the domains like computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, literature, psychology, history, economics, Commerce, and 15 plus other subjects.

The language model has also qualified in multiple examinations conducted and also secured amazing performance by scoring in the top 10% in GRE verbal, quantitative aptitude & writing examinations. The OpenAI has.

Security & Safety in GPT 4

Open AI reported – We conducted a range of qualitative and quantitative evaluations of GPT-4. These evaluations helped us gain an understanding of GPT-4’s capabilities, limitations, and risks.

It also helped us to prioritize our mitigation efforts and develop a safer version of the model. It is trained to reject harmful commands which are violent and are against privacy concerns.

The research team has taken tremendous effect to make the artificial intelligence language model safer.

The Technology giant Microsoft has already announced – the Bing chatbot is functioning on the GPT for version.


The newer version is currently available for the ChatGPT plus users and developers using the OpenAI API to develop applications based on the model.

Developers can integrate the API into the development environment to access the latest GPT 4 versions and can access the power of the language model, and its powerful features.


The new and advanced model GPT 4 is a major step towards next-generation artificial intelligence models by the open AI. The successor of the GPT 3 model offers more robust applications to the users. It is one of the major game changers in recent AI technology & advancements. The GPT 4 development tells why OpenAI, is one of the most successful artificial intelligence research laboratories.

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